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Interview Me Not: The Perception of Reception

    by: Kyle Jones


    First impressions are lasting and this is especially true in the interview process. A job candidate has the ability to set the tone from the first interaction with a company. Unfortunately, those first impressions are sometimes so badly received that they destroy any credibility that a candidate might have for the job.

    This is especially true in the case of customer service positions.  One of the key components of  customer service is a candidate's personality, friendliness and courteousness - regardless who the customer might be.  This brings to the story of a candidate who we will call Molly and learn how she becomes an Interview Me Not.  We will get to know Molly quite well over the course of the Interview Me Not series and, maybe, by the end Molly may have learned the errors of her ways.


    Meet Molly.   She's just graduated college and is ready to take the corporate world by storm.   She is confident, empowered and ready for her first job in management.  Why management? Hello! She just graduated! Didn't you read?  She's READY for management - regardless of what anyone else might think! After all....she is Molly!Interview Me Not, Human Resources, HR to Who, Kyle Jones, Mississippi HR, Mississippi SHRM Molly awoke this morning around 10am, showered, watched The Price is Right, updated Facebook and announced on Twitter that she would devote her entire day to her job search. (Just as long as she finished by 4pm to meet friends for drinks and a movie.) She considered LinkedIn but didn't want to pay for the service since EVERYONE knows LinkedIn isn't free. Many of Molly's friends had already landed a job but those jobs Molly laughed to herself, "I'd never!"    

    The Interview: Over Before It Began

    Her first stop is to the local nail salon and then, after getting both a mani and a pedi - charged to her credit card - stops by 123 Company.  She thought about applying at the nail salon but didn't want any of her friends to think she worked there. Molly enters the front door, walks to the counter and asks, "Are you hiring?" The 123 Company employee replies, "yes, we are hiring.  We have several positions open and they are posted on our website." "What jobs do you have open?" Molly continues as she leans on the counter while tapping her fingers in a 1...2..3..4 rhythm  "I have a résumé but haven't had time to go to your website."  


    She opens a pad-folio and produces a lightly scented and pink hued resume. The 123 Employee takes the résumé and notices Molly's obvious disapproval. Interview Me Not, HR to WHO, Mississippi HR, Mississippi HR Conference, Kyle Jones"We have a position open in our Accounting Department.   You would be responsible for reconciling daily cash receipts, posting payments and assisting with collections. I don't see any background in that area on your résumé. Do you have any other work experience that isn't listed?" Molly, clearly agitated and growing impatient, looks at the employee and says, "Can I speak to someone in charge?  Like someone who might actually know what they're talking about?"  She smiled her best and most condescending smile.


    The employee extends his hand.  He smiles.  "Actually, I am the Human Resources Manager." Molly is quiet but only for a moment.  Then, she takes his hand and - condescending replaced by confidence - says, "It is just so great to meet you.  I've really been wanting to work here for some time but I know you just have to have something in management for me!" Reception Perception  

    The Perception of Reception

    Where did Molly go wrong? What could she have done differently? Have you ever met a Molly?  


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