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Mississippi SHRM Leadership Attends SHRM Leadership 2015

    November 20, 2015

    by: Kyle Jones

    The Society for Human Resource Management invited SHRM Volunteer Leadership from the State Council and Chapter Levels to attend event this week in Washington, DC. The annual event brings volunteer leaders to SHRM headquarters to update, education, inform, and much more! 

    As part of the event, SHRM announced today an update to the Volunteer Leaders Resource Center (VLRC)! In an email correspondence sent by Elissa C. O’Brien, MS, SHRM-SCP, Vice President of Membership for SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), O'Brien tells us, "This morning, we proudly unveiled the first phase of the brand new Volunteer Leader Resource Center (VLRC).  As you know, the VLRC is where you as a SHRM volunteer can go to find the information and tools you need to keep your chapters and state councils performing at their peak."



    Greg Payne, 2015-2016 Mississippi SHRM State Council Director and Jan Farve, PHR, ERS, CMSA, CME, 2015-2016 Mississippi SHRM State Council Director-Elect agree that improvementes in the VLRC enhance volunteers' ability to access information and, in turn, provide better support on the state and local level.


    Mississippi SHRM at National Leadership Conference


    Payne and Farve are both in attendance at the yearly SHRM Leadership event. Brandi Garrett, PHR, Mississippi SHRM State Council Certificatoin Director, added, "Chapter leaders want to know how to quickly and easily find certification information. I am excited about the information we've received this week - not just about the VLRC but about SHRM in general."

    Speaking of the event, Farve encourage chapter presidents to take full advantage of the event."I learn something new every year," she said. "There is something to be said about being with a group of SHRM volunteer leaders who share the same experiences as you."

    Payne agreed saying, "We have an opportunity to show others that Mississippi isn't always behind in everything. We have HR professionals from across the state who do great work, both for their business and for SHRM. The investment SHRM makes when educating the volunteer leadership soars when those leaders take that back to their chapters"

    Finally, Farve provided a few details about the Mississippi SHRM Leadership Retreat, scheduled for Spring 2016. "Information about our leadership event will go out either in late December or early January. Our goal this year is to continue the sucess of previous events while making this one fun, educational, and - in the word's of Kyle Jones, our Social Media Director, FANTASTIC!"