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Mississippi SHRM Social Media

    We are excited to announce that Mississippi SHRM and the Mississippi State Council of SHRM are on the web in more ways than ever before!

    Question....Why would we have more than one source? Why would we want to distribute our information across several venues? Our answer….”Today is different from the time when people got information from either the Nightly News, the local paper, or even – in as little as 10-years ago – your homepage.” Wouldn’t this dilute our message? Our answer…..”Absolutely, not.”

    We live in an age of quickly changing and advancing technology. With that comes increased exposure and instantaneous access to information unlike we’ve never seen. Our goal is to bring information to you in the method our members – past, present, and future – prefer.

    Don’t like Twitter? Fine. It’s just not for you, perhaps.

    Don’t like Facebook? That’s fine, too. Maybe you prefer email?

    Don’t like Email? Maybe you want to visit our website?

    Prefer word-of-mouth? We still do that, too.

    We realize that not every social networking/media outlet is for everyone. We also know that some prefer them all. It’s up to you. We’ll provide the information – you pick-and-choose.

    You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, here on our website, and on our Wordpress Blog.  You can subscribe to our blog via RSS feed as well as to our news feed on this site.  We want to hear from you and create something  that will help us all become better HR professionals.

    Listed below are links to our sites: